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Is it your first time buying a SpinaliS?

Why is SpinaliS so special?

SpinaliS has a moveable seat following each inclination of the body. This enables a constant, balanced and correct position of the spine and pelvis. To sit on a chair with a moveable seat and to maintain balance, you need to put your feet flat on the floor and straighten the spine. This will at the same time activate the back and abdominal muscles, thereby reinforcing and thus relieving the burden on the spine.

Don’t be surprised if it takes some time to get used to active sitting on a SpinaliS. At the beginning of any physical activity our body also needs some time to get used to it, especially if we were previously inactive for a long time.

One third of SpinaliS users encounter difficulties keeping balance in the first week or two, as well as some muscle pain, better known as "muscle fever".

This is a good sign, because it is a perfectly natural reaction to muscle activity, which remains passive in conventional chairs.


More than 65,000 satisfied customers

Living without unbearable pain, which doesn’t choose gender and age, is the dream of many. So far, we at SpinaliS have already helped over 65,000 satisfied customers by making it possible for them to sit on SpinaliS and thus providing for a life without back pain.

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Good purchase guarantee

In the event the customers are not satisfied with sitting on the SpinaliS, with our good purchase guarantee we allow them to return their SpinaliS chair within 30 days from the delivery date.

If SpinaliS chair has not met buyer’s expectations and wishes to claim a good purchase guarantee, the entire purchase price will be returned. An undamaged SpinaliS chair should be returned along with a warranty booklet and in its original packaging. In case that the user returned a chair that is dirty and/or has stains that can be cleaned, a cleaning charge of 10 % of the chair value shall be applied.

A buyer who exercises a good purchase guarantee is not entitled to purchase a new SpinaliS chair in the next 12 months.


SpinaliS has a three-year warranty on all parts except fabric. Tip: when choosing the colour of your SpinaliS, note that the brighter shades may become dirty more easily. Fabric colours on the colour scale in each model description are approximate.

The natural characteristics of leather and visible raw material errors are not subject to any claim.

The following standards were used in the design and manufacture of SpinaliS chairs: EN 1335-1, EN 1335-2, EN 1335-3 and DIN 4551.

Free Shipping

We provide free delivery throughout Slovenia from 8:00 to 15:00. The chairs are delivered unassembled and can be easily assembled in a few minutes.

Chair assembly by SpinaliS staff is charged separately.